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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A very very unmeaningful post...

Lately i feel so tired of everything that comes on my way... people say, feeling bored is a common thing happen in life. i guess that damn "common" thing happen to me now.

It has been almost 2 weeks since they transform us to another location of our college. I used to study in a place where it only takes 15 minutes from my house. but then, everything have been different now. it all just change! brand new environment, brand new friends (since i switch my morning shift to the evening one), all the brand new things.. and a new life suddenly happen

I was excited at once, but then... many barriers start to come ahead. i am actually a very adaptable girl. i can easily make friends with others, adjusting my self to the new environment and being flexible in any condition. but, here (in my new enironment) i feel pretty struggled to deal with it... it's crowded every fu*ckin where, there are at least 80 people gather in one tiny class, and the worst thing is that if my seat wasnt in the first or second row, i wouldnt able to listen what a damn thing my lecturer talks about. all the annoying noises always comes around.. it seems like i am studying in a bus terminal or sumthin.( well maybe i'm a bit exxagerated but it's nearly true thou huh...)

My new shift ( the evening one) forced me to make more effort towards my environment. it's not just a matter of friends, new harder subjects and lecturers but the fact that the distance between my house and my college is pretty far away (it takes 1 in a half hours at least :() it gets me under the pressure of a traffic jam sumtimes...and in the mid day... it feels like the sun is seven inches hangin above the damn head grhh

I wish i could just escape from my life right now :( but off course, it would be just impossible
I dunno wat am i supposed to do to face this new reality now... all i can do now is complaining my shit away on my own blog... i hope nobody wouldnt read this anyway...( i guess my wise mind had temporarily dissapear now)... argh watever

hmmm i guess i feel abit better now... but heyy writing is the best escape sumtimes...fiuh


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