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Monday, September 12, 2005

Me and My Bread...

Do u have any food that u're most adore? or any food that u're directly attracted from the first time u saw it?

I do... every morning i woke up, the first thing comes to my mind is : "what's the time now?" and the second thing is "ada roti gak yah?" and then it's followed by "hari ini gue mau ngapain yah?"
it's funny that it has always become the second thing comes to my mind every time i woke up in the morning.
here's the analogy: me and my bread is like a kid and a chocolate... had the nice first impression, had the eye-catched, enjoyable, gives pleasure yet, addicting and become dangerous if they're taken too much...hehe

I love anykind of bread...i prefer the whole-wheat one, though (since, many people say that they're at least prevent us for being overweight), yet, white breads, american loaf, the one with raisins, garlic, france bread are total fine...
besides, i dont eat white rice, therefore, breads become a basic subtitute food for me...

Breads, in form of sandwiches are my favorite foods. my first impression about tuna or chicken sandwich is that they have such lovable shape and they looked healthy with fresh green vegetables inside. then when i tried to taste it. it was proven that they don't only look nice but also delicious, , refreshing, full of energy and healthy as well

Breads and Sandwiches are the foods that i most adore till now, n even from the first time i saw them... i knew they would become my favorite foods :)


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