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Thursday, August 25, 2005

The colours of love

for me, the most beautiful colour is... a light Brown(or it usually called Beige)
maybe it's because the colour gives a natural impression... beige is our natural skin colour, everytime i wear beige, i feel they just fit on me. beige is neutral, beige is tranquil, beige is gentle... beige is one of the most flexible colour... it is pretty and elegant. for me, it doesnt need to be show-off, coz the simplicity has already shines and catches the eyes.
beige is a mother of nature. the earth we step to is bedded with beige, and one thing for sure, beige is never be old-fashioned :)

other than Beige, the colour i love the most is a Light blue... that's is why my bed room is painted by its colour. it is calm and sedating... blue refresh my mind and my soul, it calms me down whene ever i have problems, it tells me that everything is just gonna be alright, it lifts me up whenever i'm down...
blue is generous, blue is warm-hearted and blue is a perfection of the nature.
people often said blue represents sadness and loneliness. but for me it's the opposite. it represent happiness and tranquility. it brightens up the days

the next colour i love is Green... well again , what i love about green is that a natural athmosphere is brings. it's not a colour that can deceive. it's honest and always being the way it is. green is one symbol of peace and nature. it's full of joy and happiness. light green fresh up our days, it shines through the darkness.
in the morning when i open up my curtain, there is always a scene of my green grass garden, a fresh breeze, gives a most pleasure of a warm feeling.
green is a beautiful colour. it smiles on me whenever i'm sad, it's couraging. and it is the colour of love and it is the colour of freedom!

there are still few colours i love, such as white, peach, and a very soft pink... i love them and i adore them...:)


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