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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Love and Time

Once upon a time, in a litle island, lived many abstract things. There were Love, Sorrow, Happiness, Wealth and so on. They lived side by side nicely. But one day, there was a heavy storm hit the island, fierce wind and rain causing the huge wave tide. The sea level was rising and drowning the island. All island inhabitan tried to save themselves in chaos.

Love was confuse because she cannot swim and didn't have any boat to ride on. She standing near the seaside tried to find help from others. She can feel the coldness of the sea touch her feet.

Awhile, Love saw Wealth on a boat rowing his way out the island. "Wealth! Wealth! Help me pleasee..!!", Love shout desperately.

"Uhhmmm... I'm sorry Love!", said Wealth, "My boat already full with my treasure, gold and money. I cannot bring you with me, I'm afraid the boat will sunk if you come. Beside there is no room for anyone else in my boat."

Wealth row his boat away. Love was very sad, then she saw Happiness pass by with his boat. "Happiness! Help me!", Love shouted. But Happiness was just too happy for finding himself a boat and he didn't hear her shouting.

The water reach her waist, and Love panicked even more. After a moment, Beauty passed by. "Beauty! Bring me with you!", Love shouted.

"Ugh...Sorry Love, you're wet and dirty. I cannot bring you with me. You'll ruin the beautiness of my boat," replied Beauty.

Love felt really sad hearing his reply. She was sobbing and cried. At that time Sorrow passed by."Ohh Sorrow, please bring me with you", said Love.

"Sorry Love, I'm very sad now and I wanna be alone...", said Sorrow, rowing his boat away.

Love was really desperate. She felt the water came up and drowning her. At that critical moment, she heard something, "Love! Come quickly, board my boat!"

She turned to that voice and saw an old man with his boat. She board the boat quickly, at the time the water almost drowned her. In nearby island, the old man dropped Love and then gone again. At that moment Love realize that she even didn't know who was the old man that saved her life. Love asked a person, inhabitan on the island, who was that old man was.

"Ohh... that old man just before? He is Time", said that person.

"But, why he saved me? I didn't know him. Even my well-known friends didn't want to saved me. Why?", Love was confused.

"Because,..." said that person smiling, "It's only the Time who really know exactly the true value of Love..."


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