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Friday, September 23, 2005

10 things i hate about "mess" MEDIA

1. I HATE the idea of Materialism and Comercialism culture that often being shown in every private channels. the contents are somehow tell us to live in such materialism lifestyle... the way media idealising everything (mostly physical atributtes) then, the value or the quality of oneself seemed to be judged by their "cover" only...

2. I HATE the media exposure of showing which one is Normal, Abnormal, Trendy, Out of Date etc... it sumhow cultivate peoples mind that if we don't follow them, then we are not this part of "Normal" or great "Common" society... I hate all those kind of Uniformities (Don't each of us have certain qualities that determine us being unique?)

3. I HATE the concept of "Beauty" they if they tell us which one is "Beautiful" and which one is not. the idea of being "White, Thin, Long black hair etc" are beautiful just seem so absurd and unfair for some people

4. I HATE the "Democracy" and (again)"Commercialism" excuse that media often used to defend pornografists and adult commedies which being exposed in prime time. (c'mon, there are not just adults who are watching the tv!)

5. I HATE the exposure of criminal news on tv. it doesnt properly functioned to be a social control's equipment anymore, instead, the function have altered somehow to the idea of TEACHING the audience of HOW to be one of them who does the crime acts..

6. I HATE the idea that Gossiping other people and minding other people's bussiness become one of specific culture of Indonesians people (i'm not talking about "democracy" nor "individual's freedom to express", yet i'm talking about the values of "morality" and "a holly religion" taughts that slowly become vague in our society)

7. I HATE the absurd idea about dead people, that the spirit weaks up again (hmm how do u say it?? Gentayangan?), then turn into a ghost, iritatting people and blah blah blah (it scares me sometimes... especially when i'm alone and bein in a dark place... hiks)

8. I HATE the idea of selling overly high dreams and expectations in most SINETRON i watched... i wish Raam Punjabi can be abit more realistic to what he produces...

9. I HATE all the violances that being shown in most tv channels... such as: a sinetron which perform a stepchild that being beaten by her step mom, a child fighting with his/her mates or the "reka ulang" of some criminal events... tv is sumhow becomin a brain wash equipment for children and uneducated people...:(

10. I HATE that everytime i switch on a news channel, all i can see is just huge problems, or the medium one (and even if there are tiny problems, they could somehow DRAMATIZED it and create it as a big deal!)... I hate it when It makes me realise that this world is such a MESS... criminals issues, corruption issues, Avian VIrus, and all the shits happened everyday (i wish i wouldnt care about it...:()
Sometimes, it's devastated if we're watchin it and emphatizating it too much... huh


Blogger Dindajou said...

Have you ever think of being a journalist? you could be a great one, i bet. if right now you have all of these critical thoughts, then if you're in it you'll work from heart. and your heart will leads you to what we call idealism and you will be guide by what we call ethic. :)

thanks for droppin by di blogku yaaa... i'll link you. heheh...


9:12 AM


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