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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The fact that people are afraid and anxious...

We've been livin in this world with so many people with different races, cultures, backgrounds, personalities around us. we meet, communicate, interact, and watsoever u call it.. we always have our perspectives to face our own life and so do they. the point of this is that we are always born uniquely different from others.
but one thing that will never distinguish us from others is that the fact that we always have fear about something. even if we look so strong, confident, or super duper "wow". fear have always been a part of human nature.

Many people feel afraid easily, especially when it comes to goin into society, meet new people, strangers, even friends sumtimes. in certain occasion, there are people who looked "so-cool", calm, self-controlled, or people who have a highly self- confident aura. many womens look glamorously stylish sitting around in sum parties, calmly drink her wine, smoke ciggaretes. til we questioned ourselves "she looks so confident and very calm". yet, we never know that they suprisingly think opposite than we always thought... like "are they gonna think why i am always alone? if i were attractive, why have i never had a good lover or a good friends accompanying me? my breasts are to small...I wish i could lost 3 pounds... I wish i could be as smarter as my sister... I wanna go to the toilet but everyone seemed lookin at me... if that guy come aproaching me, i'd be suckered! and bla bla bla"

Even for a man, they see a bussiness man and think "he's a deadly succesful man!". while, the bussiness man looking at himself and feel anxious about his biggy tummy or his red nose. and complaining why he had never be able to speak with his children, why he's always sad about losing his money, wealth etc"

Don't u think it's funny? we see others and assume that they have got everything. WHILE they assume us that we've got everything. we live in a fear of others, WHILE others live in a fear of ourselves!

I guess the root of all these fears come from our thought that "OTHER PEOPLE MIGHT THINK WE ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH!." i believe dat everyone in everywhere always have that kind of thought that "I am not good enough".
besides, fears of others will cause misunderstoodness. for instance; when we meet our old friends that we have lost in touch with, we fear to begin the conversation first. remembering the facts that we've never been close to them before. then we start to make conclusion and judgement about how they are being boastful, arrogance, unfriendly and so on... while they don't even meant to be like that. and finally, both of us make our own negative judgements toward each other acts

Gue rasa sangat sedikit orang yang punya kepercayaan diri yang sesuai dengan penampilannya. when we look ourselves in the mirror, we might not seem scary towards ourselves. Infact we are ALL agitate others. We make people nervous and anxious in certain way. becoz basically each of us always have feelings of insecurities within ourselves.

I guess being "brave" is about having a courage to battle our own fears. to be "brave" doesnt mean we are not afraid of anything. yet it is about tryin hard and making effort to fight against our own fears.

do u aggree with me?


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