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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

When my weakest part tells

There are many lines like being "Single and Happy" or " Single and Faboulous" or watsoever... sumtimes i wonder how can people enjoy bein single? rite, ive wrote, "i wanna be alone sumtime" and blah blah blah... maybe for a moment i feel that way... but sumtimes when i found my self sitting at my home, real alone, i'm just questioning my self "what the heck am i doin?! is it how it feels to be alone? is it all dat i want to be "single and happy" and FABOULOUS?"

Life is such a disaster whn u realize dat u dont love neither loved by anyone u kno? (well, family and friends are exceptional off course). it's not dat im havin no activities for this holiday u kno? i've been tryin to make my self busy all the time... doin this, doin that and so on... but when i found my self alone, i found ....*nothin*. at the end, i'm just gettin tired of everything...

Do u think that it mite be the state where everyone hav 2 pass after they broke up wth sumbody? or is it just me who is too fragile about anything?
i can't live like this u kno...i shouldve been grateful to what i've got, mourning is just such a waste...i need to get my self UP. i guees nobody could ever pick me up but me, my self...

man, do i sound pethatic? well, maybe i am rite now... :(


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