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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

A little perspective about.......

it's been along time since i havent update my blog... it's not that it's Ramadhan so that i'm too lazy to move my lazy ass to the computer, nor that i have no idea what to write either (the ideas always there, but everytime i sat in front of the computer and decided to express it, my mind just got me BLANK ...) lately i found my self unfocus with other things but my exam...(or even i cant concentrate on that either... huhu) i guess my mind just loaded with too much of informations or inputs or hell u call it... but thank god it's over now

hmmm few minutes a go i just opened my friendster. i was pretty shocked to kno that since october 1st my profile has been viewed 751 times, and there was about 64 people added me to their friends list since almost a week ago! and suprisingly i've never know nor met not single one of them in the real life... suddenly my mind starts questioning " so this is how people can easily have friends fully loaded in their account? so, this is the easiest way to create the 2nd, 3rd, 4th account and so on...? just simply add "unknown people". put them in the friends list and then after that all u got is... cyber social status?
hehe i think that's a bit funny, aint it?

just flashed a thought that the cyberworld ain't very different than the real world. the only thing distinguish it is the physical existance it self. in the real life, we could simply approach popular crowd to get us "popular" or approach rich people and we suddenly become so "well-heeled"?

in the end both ways (the cyber and the real) aim to pursue a social respect which directed to the search of social status. we are what our friends like, infact, for me social status is just an absurd concept which only others can value

it's not very bad... but doesnt it feel fake sometimes when u realize that there are sum unknown people in your friends list and u never even know nor get in touch with them at all? i have sum "friends" i hardly know added in my account... often, when i feel it's useless or unmeaningful... i just erased them up from my account... forgive me please... but really what's the point of having it in your friends list? (although sumtimes i'll still let few "out-of-nowhere friends" still hangin in my account hehe) really no offense

so now what am doing is? hmmmmm u can easily guess... i just dont want to be bothered with all kinds of cyber social status... maybe i fed up enough to face things like that in the real life... hell with it...


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