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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Friendship that stays...

Here's the thought : At the time u are having a very close is very ironic that u often don't realized that she had been the best friend , the most precious thing happen to your life, until the time and distance keep u and her apart.

I am a very easygoing person, i can make friends, get along with them very easily. yet, sometimes finding the one who really understand u, gives u comfort, always supports u, always there for u... is never been easy.

I had it once, she is a girl from a very different background, a different nation, different religion, and diferent taste. i think i've told u about her along time ago, somewhere in my blog's archive.

I remember three years ago, one day before i move back to Indonesia, Me, Her and My other friend, Patricia were gathered for the last time in Stockmann (the centre of Helsinki city). she gave me a lovely white mug with the picture of me and her smiling and a phrase "U are my best friend" bsides the picture which i still keep till now. she also gave me a beautiful yellow rose, which i carried on my hand all the time when i was on a jetplane. (besides, it was drooped a week after that thou hehe). anyways, i did not want to think that it would become the last time we could ever met. i kept hoping that i would meet her again somewhere and somehow.

Dana that's the name. and It's not very easy to describe her. a very riendly, kind and caring, Sensitive, loyal and understanding, Humorous, fun, secure and true always there..

She is always been Special, accepting, exciting and wise, Truthful and helpful, with honest pretty smile, Confiding, cheerful and bright. Yes that's her.. not one bit of spite. Dana is one of a kind, different from others
Generous, charming, but not one that smothers, Optimistic, thoughtful, happy and game
But not just another... in the long chain.

Now, that time has gone by, we are still constantly mailing to each other. she is too precious to forget.

Friendship is like the breeze,
You can't hold it,
Smell it,
Taste it,
Or know when it's coming,
But you can always feel it,
And you'll always know it's there,
It may come and then go,
But you can know it'll always be back.

and that's all i know...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey sweety!!!! This is soooo sweet of you!! I was so surprised and happy to see your blog :) You know, this is one of the sweetest thing anybody has ever done to me!! I miss you sooo much and really pray to god that I'll get to see you someday again! :) I just want you to know that I'll never forget you and You will always have a very special place in me heart.. And most importantly You will always be my best friend honey!!! :) You are just too precious to let go! Love you and Miss you! -With Love, Dana

12:04 AM

Blogger Tiara said...

girl... i was just telling the truth, expressing my thoughts, or atleast expressing my memmories about u... i hope we will meet again someday.. i'll write u sumthing later soon. now i've just finished my school task hehe miss uuu and i hope everythings always fine wth u, your family and your bf too surely hehe love u girl! mmuachh

9:59 PM


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