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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Can we really posses somebody?

first of all i just wana say HapPy New YeaR 2006 may thi year bless with happiness and prosperity, joyful and laughter, love and a brand new spirit!

i just finished celebrating a new year eve with my friends at my house. there were around 15 people gathered. it went pretty well, but actually i was hoping that it could be more fun than it was. at the beginning of the party we had such small problems about money, but everything solved. and noboody blames anybody. after 00.00 we were gathered, takin pictures, sum played poker cards, sum played dominos and the other played playstation 2 (WE). i fell asleep at around 3 o'clock, it was becoz i had lack of sleep the day before that, (i went to clubbing at manna and fell asleep at 5 in the morning, and didnt sleep at all after that time!) most of my friends did'nt sleep at all. and there comes a problem. i guess when u're feeling tired anythin unpredictable coud always happen...

my friends, Yhona and Aryo whom is a couple had a big fight at my house. i know somehow that they are actually are total in love to each other.
i'm not quite sure whether theyve broke up or not after they went to each homes. all i know that they seemed so fine and happy before the fight.i don't kno how coud such thing happen.
everything was fine at my house, when the morning came everybosy started to get tired and sleepy. i even slept at 3 AM and after that i didnt know what was going on in my house.

I woke up at 6 AM. the guys was still playing Play station while some of the girls felt asleep. The guys didnt sleep at all! they didnt stop staring at my TV's screen the whole night while playing Play Station.
i guess there came the problems, when everybody prepared to go home, they felt so exhausted, tired, and sleepy. my friend A were really out of control... He yelled at his girlfriend (i dont want to go into details though) they turn into a really big fight in front of EVERYBODY at my house...

I guess it is not about the fight that i am questioning about. yet there is a deeper question that i always ask to my self but never find the rightest answer of it.
Can we really posses somebody? does it mean YES if we are havin a serious relationship with a a special guy/girl? does it mean YES if we ever say "I love U" to our Bf/Gf?

I guess when u are having a relationship (either serious or not), does not mean U can behave as much as U like, treating a Bf/Gf as free as U like, placed him/her as your angry escapement or acting as if he/she is only belongs to U...
Love is just not about that.

but sumtimes when u're involved in a serious relationship wth someone, it'd be pretty hard to distinguish love and being possesed with somebody.
i start to think that those things are completely different to each other. love is generous but being possesed is an ego talks. being possesed coud always destroy the essence of love.i guess in a relationship, love is just not enough. infact, HOW do we love, HOW do we treat him/her special, and HOW do we understand and believe to each other are the most important ingredients to build a healthy relationship.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tidak ada dua orang yg COCOK didunia ini..
Yg ada dua orang yg saling menerima kekurangan dan saling mengisi kekurangan tersebut..
Itu yg namanya jodoH.. hihi..
Jadi mampukaH dikau menerima dan mngisi kekurangan ku?? (",)

11:37 PM


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