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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

She is the mother

Since my previous post decribe how i've been VERY grateful with my life, now, i just want to desribe all the beautiful things in my life and focus in all the very positive things in my life. i may began the lil description on who have given me a birth 20 years ago

My mother isn't actually a physically strong women, she is just an ordinary women with a very high spirit and hopes, she is always optimist about everything that will comes ahead. never once in my life she said "it's impossible!". she always think that everything is possible in this world. what i love from her is that everytime u come closer to her, she had a magnificent positive aura, comfortable athmosphere and increadible love to be given
what distinguish her to any common mother is that, she is not a fussy person, yet she is not a quiet women either. when her sons or daughter need to hear an opinion in order to make a decision she dosnt force us to choose the "rightest", never give an order, nor a command all she does is giving a very reasonable and logicable advise

She is not an academically very intellegent person, yet she is very smart in other aspect of life, has sensitive instinct about situation, has lotsa creative-smart ideas about many things especially when it comes to fashion, arts, architecture and most of all, bussiness. (what i never understand from her is that y she took a law major in a college way many years ago) if, she coud consider her artistic talents, her hidden creative and imaginatives ideas, she coudve been a way succesful women now. but anyways, i've always thought she had her own success in raising us thou... (i hope)

My mother loves jazz music so muchh. everytime she listens to jazz such as frank sinatra, fitzgerald etc she keeps saying " burn me the cd din. i love this music, remind me of japan many years ago" to be noted here; after 2 years of no finished studying in trisakti, she went to tokyo to study about hair dressing for 4 years. what she always tell me about japan is that " i had a special member card dat made me the member of many many clubs there!" . in this way, i think do not genetically follow her, since i dont fancy clubs as much as she did when she was young.

My mom always found it hard to take a decision, she often hesitate about what she chooses. for example: which dress to wear, which things to buy... well, simply what things she must choose. yet, i always admire the way she manage everything especially her financial needs, she always put what is the most important thing first.

Other than that, i always admire the way she keeps everything in a balance state. never eat too full, never be too happy nor too sad, she coud become a real spiritual women who goes to "pengajian", a bussiness women who work very hard for her family, a very consumptive person, a real best friend who can ungrudgingly gives a ride, a kind and generous sister for her siblings, a great wife who understand his husband in and out. and above all, a funky mother for us hehe

I admire her in every way she lives, i love her with all my heart soul and that's the end about her.


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