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Friday, December 09, 2005

fashion makes the world go round

it has been so long since i haven't updated my blog... this time, i really haven't got no time to write bout anything... the deadlines of my assignments, suddenlt start to come ahead huh

Aesthetics...when i heard the word, all i suddenly imagine are modern-contemporary art, cubism paintings where it has bizzare lines everywhere, womens figure (dat doesnt explain that am a lesbian haha),the immense cloudy-blue sky, the chords of piano, Eiffle in the night, the fresh air of the mountain, the way the waves moves through the river, the dews fallin to the green grass, the look of love, the scene of Seine River, impresionist-paintings museums, and the last but not the least, fashion which makes the world keeps go around

having to talk about fashion, seems like talking about the life, it is expanded, expressive, colourful and borderless. it isn't only about clothes, shoes nor bags... it is about the sense of quality, style, and art. and above all fashion refers to attitude and the self-confidents of those who follows it.

fashion determines the way people think and feel about themselves, fashion always survive in times to another times. it is about the lifestyle we carry on, the attitude towards others which presents the charms of one self, fashion without attitude is so pointless
coz its beauty dies without the spirit of a good attitude. so for those who follows it, don' t be a victim, open your mind, your heart, your self...listen to what your heart says and be the real YOU


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