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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Memories just memories

Have U ever find your self back to the past?
It's funny when U realize that the memories u have just left as memories. they left deep foot-prints in your life. but we can never turn it back again

Well, this morning i have nothin much to do, then i checked my mails archive and i found sumthin really beats my heart...
one of my best friend made a website for indonesian's youngsters who lives in Helsinki. we had this kind of community named "Indojomplang". I can't believe it was 3 years ago!

We had such a tight friendship to each other. we always meet every single day we live there! it's mostly like in the "friends" series u kno? it mite be becoz of the fact that living in Helsinki is like u live in such "dreamworld". the life there was 180 degrees different compare to the life here.

There is no such problems like "i dont have no transport" or "let's not meet there, it's a way of traffic jam!" or any problems about fixing times to meet.
The thing is that U just can never imagine, how life could be that simple
and as time goes by, u just realize that u have once expreince it.

Those 3 years mean really sumthin to me, i miss the old days wth my bestfriends, i miss the spring, the summer, the autumn and even the worst winter in a northpole, i miss playing snow wth them, went to 24 hours cruise, sunbathing in Hietsu, and do all the crazy stuff,

I miss the good, the happy, even the sad memmories ive spent wth them.
but we all kno, memories just memories, the past is just the past.
infact, i guess we should never take anything for granted coz we're all always makin memories each and every day of our lives.

check out this old website

and this photo album


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