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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Just thoughts

As time passes by, we've never realize what happen to us in just few years if we've never look back to the past. i mean look at us now! and look at us few years ago!
we're not just flipped like this , infact, we are part of the past! we are part of our history!
how we've become like this now is as a result from the past!. we always make somethin everyday and someday we'll get all the consequences.

I think we should be more careful to this natural law. and who says life is easy? as we get older, life is never been easy. we get maturer, things get more complicated and the barriers just get harder.
even when it comes to LOVE, things that we used to consider as unimportant have suddenly become so much "must-considered" and important! and maybe sumtimes love just aint enough for such circumstances. yet, still we can't live without it

I think, without the experience to love we could never learn and grown up and without no commitment towards anything, we'll never feel anything worthy
I guess, I have to learn much about "what is sincerity, generousity and LOVE itself"

There are many people out there seek for LOVE, wishing that someday LOVE will come to their life. but, sumetimes i'm questioning. Havent they realize? That LOVE actually comes from their heart. I mean, It is already there! placed forever in their heart.

Cinta memerlukan suatu ketulusan dan kesabaran... karena pada akhirnya hanya sebuah cinta yang suci yang akan menang. Sepertinya Gue harus belajar byk tentang sebuah ketulusan dan keikhlasan. Karena cuma itu kunci dari sebuah kebahagiaan dan cuma itu jalan untuk menghadapi dunia yang terkadang sulit.
Cinta sebenernya adalah Hakekat dari sebuah kasih sayang, ketulusan, dan keikhlasan
Lust, is another different thing.

Terkadang Tuhan memang tidak selalu memberikan apa yang kita inginkan, tetapi Gue yakin Tuhan selalu memberikan apa yang kita butuhkan, agar kita selalu belajar untuk menjadi lebih kuat. Cinta adalah bagian dari diri kita and In the end, The past is just something that we must learn from.


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