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Saturday, June 03, 2006

An Upcoming World Cup 2006

Okay, i would admit dat i don't follow anything much about an upcoming soccer world cup 2006, it's becoz i've never put interest on that matter, even thou my brother who lived for 20 years wth me hella crazy about it (well, i think he's nearly obsessed wth football since he knows every single players in every league, understand their positions, backgrounds, and profile, and follow every recent news behind that wat-so-eva)

well, now, i guess i cannot be too extreme to be anti to anything about football anymore. next tuesday at 6th, my teacher (a field coordinator of Trans TV) from the news anchor proggramme by Ira Koesno and Team dat i've taken since 2 month ago, asked me to do a live report for a world cup 2006, ironically this is the subject that i hardly know, follow nor even understand (while the other students got the easier subject to be live-reported on, mine is very UNFAIR huhu)

Acting in front o camera as a proffesional journalist who is doing a live report for an upcoming soccer world cup in Germany. fiuhh dat's a big challange for me for sure.
now, no complain din... gotta catch some research! wish me luck guys!


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