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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

weight issues

i can never understand how does weight become such popular issues in many woman's life? in most places i've been, there is always an attractive advertisements about "how to lose weight in 10 days", "eat more, work out less and LOSE", "6 ways to look thinner"and blah blah blah... while they organise thinny skinny women pictures besides the main title . just to aim their main purpose which is "how to become one of them? " a part of society that is in a way shows us that "being thinner is more attractive than being FAT"

i dont understand how the media can cultivate such thoughts and views to its society in such enourmous way? but sumhow, i guess ive bcome one of them who worry about it so much... even when am down, i put my happiness according to "how much my body's scale is"... it's truly not an exxageration ... when my weight gain high, i intend to put my happiness lower... it always been like that...

sumtimes i wonder, y do we have to live if our happiness only depending on "how people will see us?"OR are we become a part of society that fears of reality? a part of society that fear to others and even to ourselves? if we could just listen to our hearts voice... we may understand what truly makes us feeling happy nor unhappy ... instead of blaming society for all its "rules"

are connecting wth me?


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